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The new 91.3 gets set to shake up Singapore radio Featuring Star Deejays Joe Augustin, Hubert Tang, Petrina Kow and Suzanne Walker

Singapore, 14 July 2006 – A brand new name, a brand new format, and a lineup that boasts many of the biggest names in Singapore radio from the past decade – the new Radio 91.3 is set to take Singapore radio by storm.

Not just ear candy but food for thought, too
Tired of radio that´s all fluff and no substance? Sick of radio that´s all talk and no music – or all music and no talk (at least no intelligent talk)? Well, listen up – to the new Radio 91.3. Finally, here´s an English language radio station that promises not just ear candy but food for thought, too.

The best of the best of radio´s veterans
The brand new Radio 91.3 brings you an exciting lineup of radio veterans unrivalled by any other radio station in Singapore with Joe Augustin, Petrina Kow, Suzanne Walker and Hubert Tang.

The new programme team will be led by Hubert, who joins the station in mid-August. He brings with him 15 years of broadcast experience at MediaCorp Radio, both as a producer-presenter and music programmer.

A great radio station is not just a mix of music, but a mix of people. The names speak for themselves.

"I’m looking forward to a hot and spicy threesome,” says Jane Boey with a provocative pout.

"It’s like going out on a hot blind date with a rich girl from a nice family,” claims Joe Augustin, cryptically.

"My vision for Radio 91.3? The future´s so bright, I gotta wear shades,” adds Hubert Tang.

Petrina Kow quips, “Radio’s like a Brazilian wax. You always know when it’s time to go back."

"It’s like having a new boyfriend and falling in love all over again," says Suzanne Walker, aka the Love Goddess.

A new ’old’ style of radio programming
Radio 91.3 intends to go back to basics – back to what made radio special. It aims to build lasting bonds between presenters and listeners, and establish meaningful relationships. Disarmingly simple and ’aw-shucks’ touching as it may sound, this is radio that ’wants to be your friend’. And in this fast-paced dog-eat-dog world, who couldn’t do with an extra friend?

As friends do, it will tip you off first to the best deals, the hottest trends, and the coolest must-have things in town – even if it doesn´t sell them. This is radio with your best interests at heart.

Poised between a talk station and a music station, it aims to stimulate the intellect as well as stir the emotions. It won´t shy away from sensitive issues and sidestep delicate topics but address them straight out. Controversy? Debate? Passionate opinions and highly personal views? Expect all of the above and more from 91.3.

A balanced blend of classic and current hits
Rest assured that Radio 91.3 is not all talk. Expect a smattering of the classics you grew up with, and surrender blissfully to that wave of nostalgia that washes over you when a fond, familiar song wakens a sleeping memory... However, classic hits are carefully balanced by current ones. Essentially, it’s a pleasing blend of music to enhance your lifestyle, presented by polished, likeable and well-informed deejays who know their stuff – and their music – inside out.

For anyone with a head and a heart
So who´s 91.3 talking to? Officially, it´s not for kids. Nor is it for old fogies. But age is just a number after all, and to put the target listenership at, say, 25 – 45 would be doing a disservice to the ‘mature-for-their-years´ and the young-at-heart. Suffice to say that this station is talking to, not at – make that talking with – anyone who has a heart (hey, isn´t there a song that goes something like that?) and a head.

In other words, 91.3 is a station that sounds a lot like you.

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