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Alumni Member Robin Loon Heads TheatreWorks Writers’ Lab 2006

Singapore, 22 June 2006 - This year, TheatreWorks Writers´ Lab sees a new Head in the form of alumni member and long-time supporter, playwright and lecturer Robin Loon. Robin has been involved with the Writers´ Lab since its inception in 1990, and 2006 will see him programme and lead the Lab, as well as conduct workshops, discussions, exchange sessions, readings and stagings in the form of Greenhouse and Hothouse.

“I hope to re-energise the Writers´ Lab and bring it back to its roots – nurturing and exploring writing specifically for the stage. The TheatreWorks Writers´ Lab has always generated a lot of interesting mainstream and experimental work – my aim is to help these writings acquire a refreshing edge and a new sense of fun,” said Robin.

Conceived by Artistic Director, Ong Keng Sen in 1990, the Writers´ Lab is into its 16th year of pioneering the development of Singapore playwriting through its varied and exciting programmes. Sponsored by Singapore Press Holdings Foundation and Singapore Press Holdings, the Lab aims to provide an incubation space for Singapore playwrights to develop and grow, and to explore and experiment new forms of writing for the theatre.

“One of the SPH Foundation´s objectives is to nurture and promote young local talents through the arts. What better way than to do this through the Writers´ Lab which has gained much recognition and popularity over the years. We believe that the Writers´ Lab will continue to be an important platform for aspiring playwrights to showcase their creativity and expression,” said Ms Ginney Lim, General Manager of Singapore Press Holdings Foundation.

The Writers´ Lab´s two popular national playwriting competitions in Singapore – the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition and the Singapore Young Dramatist Award will be returning for the 9th and 7th years respectively. The former will be held at aloha changi at the end of July, and is expected to attract an enthusiastic response from thespian Singaporeans, while the latter has a theme, Local Delights,which will focus on one of the main passions of Singaporeans – food!

“As one of the main hosts for this event, I hope to create more awareness of aloha resorts in the market place as a venue for events; in this case, the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition to nurture young budding writers. We hope to contribute our role as a venue provider in areas of nurturing creativity, leadership, social skills and teamwork amongst young Singaporeans,” said the General Manager of aloha resorts.

To date, the TheatreWorks Writers´ Lab has produced many well-known Singapore playwrights such as Robin Loon, Eleanor Wong, Ovidia Yu, Tan Tarn How, Chong Tze Chien, Desmond Sim, Felix Cheong, Otto Fong and Russell Heng. Four anthologies of plays written as part of the Writers´ Lab have also been published over the years: Second Chance; Dirty Laundry, Mergers & Undercover; Playful Phoenix and most recently, 5 Under 25 which focuses on writings for young people.

Registration forms for the 24-Hour Playwriting Competition and Singapore Young Dramatist Award can be found at

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