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The Straits Times extends its reach with bold new platform STOMP

Singapore, 14 June 2006 - The Straits Times, SPH´s flagship newspaper, today unveiled a dynamic new platform to connect, engage and interact with its readers.

Called STOMP (Straits Times Online Mobile Print), it represents a milestone in the evolution of the 161-year-old newspaper into a medium beyond paper.

STOMP integrates content and activities in the three platforms of print, online and mobile within one website, These three platforms will enable STOMP to interact and engage with Singaporeans in exciting new ways.

STOMP will deliver content which is interactive and which will help develop new communities of Singaporeans bonded together by shared interests. Access to the website is completely free and as for SMS and MMS, only normal telco charges apply to users.

The Straits Times Editor Han Fook Kwang explained, “In the new media environment, newspapers have to be more than just passive providers of news. They have to engage their readers in areas which appeal to them. We have to provide readers with new avenues to express themselves, to enable them to interact with us, and among themselves.”

“STOMP will enable us to do this. We want STOMP to become a forum of lively discussions – whether the topics are weighty national issues or where to get the best bak chor mee.“

Through this interaction, The Straits Times aims to strengthen its relationship with readers and reach out to non-readers.

Star Blog: For the first time, some of Singapore´s most popular bloggers will come together. We can´t quite tell now what the brew will bring but expect the sum to be more than the individual parts. Starring cyberspace favourites like Xiaxue and Dawn Yang, MTV twin celebs May and Choy, journalists Nick Fang and Leow Ju-Len and the mysterious Kway Teow Ma.

STOMPcast: See video footage of controversial blogger Gayle Goh in action, or the latest fashion show in town, or last night´s wildest party. STOMPcast may not be 24-hour TV but if it´s worth watching, it´ll be in STOMP.

Ask ST: If you want any question answered – and we mean anything under the sun – Ask ST, and we´ll get the answer for you, even if it means getting it from the only expert in town.

Another first for The Straits Times will be the introduction of a new STOMP special number ‘75557´. With this one number, Singaporeans will be able to talk to the newspaper on any topic, or send their thoughts, pictures, news tips and even news clips through SMS and MMS.

Partnering multi-channel communications provider eFusion, The Straits Times will harness the latest technology to make sure it´s easy for Singaporeans to interact with the newspaper on their mobile phone.

To celebrate the launch of STOMP and to encourage visitors to and use 75557, an Opel Astra 1.6 is being offered as the grand prize for STOMP’s launch promotion. A total of $75557 worth of prizes stands to be won.

The more users interact on STOMP’s many exciting platforms, the more chances they stand to win the Opel Astra and other prizes.

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