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The School Pocket Money Fund Meets its Target This Year

04 January 2006 - For the sixth successive year, the Straits Times School Pocket Money Fund has met its fund-raising target .

It has raised $3.2 million, $400,000 more than the target set by its Fund partner, the National Council of Social Service. This will enable the Fund to help an estimated 10,000 needy children who will apply for school pocket money next year.

Each child must come from a family whose per capita income is below $300. They must live in no larger than a four-room HDB flat.

Primary school beneficiaries receive $30 a month, with secondary schoolchildren getting $50. Needy children can apply for help at any Family Service Centre.

The Fund has raised over $17 million since it was started by The Straits Times in the year 2000. Of this, there is less than a year’s reserve remaining - $2.7 million to be exact.

Staff at Singapore Press Holdings volunteer to raise money for the Fund, with every cent raised going to the National Council of Social Service for them to administer.

Said Mr Peter Khoo, the Fund’s Organising Chairman: "Our heartfelt thanks must go to The Straits Times readers who continue to support our cause. We believe that children should not be deprived of a meal during recess to help them focus better in school.’’

Mr William Chew, Deputy Director, Service Development Division, National Council of Social Service agreed. He said: "From our experience and based on the number of applications, the School Pocket Money Fund is still very much needed to provide immediate and short term relief for school-going children. The pocket money for the children will go a long way to help every child in need have a dignified and conducive learning experience at school everyday. NCSS wishes to thank all disbursing VWOs for their commitment to our children."

The Fund also has a much understated value, that of opening doors for social workers to identify other domestic issues and administer assistance for these affected families.

Said Mr Khoo: "Often, there are more than just economic woes in the homes of our beneficiaries. Many of them are dysfunctional. Disbursing VWOs often use the Fund as a lever to administer holistic care to the family - from skills upgrading to job matching to counselling."

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