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Enjoy cuisine from award-winning Italian chefs at Gusto Italiano

Singapore, 9 September 2015 – Italian gastronomy has been gaining popularity in Singapore as diners move from the traditional pastas and pizzas to other different Italian cuisines in the diverse regions of Italy. In Singapore, there is no lack of choice when cravings set in for authentic Italian cuisine. Discerning gourmands can choose from a number of excellent restaurants, headed by a who’s who of well-travelled chefs of distinct Italian pedigree, all raring to serve up sophisticated fare bearing the hallmarks of different regions in Italy. 

For a perfect embodiment of quality ingredients meeting creative techniques, the third edition of Gusto Italiano presents discerning palates with a journey of tantalising tastes and textures bearing the hallmarks of Italy. From15 September to 9 October, culinary maestros will showcase their distinctive touches and personal interpretation of Italian gastronomy.

As part of the exciting line up of Gusto Italiano 2015, there will be the dining promotions where a selection of Italian restaurants across Singapore will be providing dining offers on their ala carte menu items to fans of Italian cuisine all year long.

Organised by Sphere Exhibits Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (SPH) and presented by HSBC Cards, Gusto Italiano will satisfy the gourmand’s curiosity and palates through this gastronomical festival with exquisite flavours and pairings.

Mr Ian Lim, Senior Manager, Gourmet & Festivals of Sphere Exhibits, said: "We are excited to bring back the new edition of Gusto Italiano for 2015 and have worked extensively with our partners to bring the best gastronomic experiences combining fine food and wines.  Together with our presenting partner HSBC who shares our belief of offering the best gastronomic experiences to diners and connoisseurs, HSBC cardmembers will be able to enjoy exclusive privileges and offers to all Gusto Italiano events and dining promotions."  

Ms Jenn Ong, Head of Cards & Unsecured Loans, Retail Banking and Wealth Management, HSBC Singapore, said: "With the continued success of our partnership and the overwhelming response from HSBC cardholders, we are delighted to partner with Sphere Exhibits for the third year of Gusto Italiano. HSBC's participation in these world-class gastronomic events, not only bring our cardholders an array of exclusive offers at leading Italian restaurants, but it also demonstrates our commitment to bringing value and new experiences for our discerning customers. HSBC cardholders can continue to savour Italian culinary delights through dining promotions throughout the rest of the year."

As the presenting partner of Gusto Italiano, Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC) is offering its cardholders 20% off all event ticket prices, and 15% off international guest chef menus as well as a la carte food bill at participating restaurants of the dining promotion.  

Reservations and ticket purchases can be made through the official event website or the official hotline 6602 9900. 

Globetrotting Flavours

Diners can look forward to exquisite cuisine prepared by renowned masterchefs of global standing.

To kick things off, The Lighthouse presents ‘The Cuisine of Masterchef Matteo Temperini’ from 11-17 September 2015. Chef Matteo will present an original Mediterranean cuisine hailing from the South of Italy: fresh fish, ripe tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, a variety of vegetables, spices and aromatic herbs, lemons from the Amalfi Coast and fresh cheeses.

Reinterpreted by his imagination and expert hands, Chef Matteo aims to make his cuisine lighter, more modern and more international. Well, you clearly are in for a treat with his excellent culinary skills, as only fresh and seasonal ingredients, preferably local and carefully selected are used, forming genuinely fresh cuisine with heavenly tastes, full of rich flavours of Italy.

The Cuisine of Masterchef Matteo Temperini*

Date : 11 – 17 September 2015Friday to Thursday
Time : Lunch and Dinner
Venue : The Lighthouse, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore1 Fullerton Square Level 8, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore 049178
For reservations, contact (65) 6877 8933

From 29 September – 3 October 2015, pamper your tastebuds with unparalleled culinary precision in The Lighthouse presents ‘The Cuisine of Masterchef Anthony Genovese’. The Two Michelin-starred culinary maestro, Masterchef Anthony Genovese of Restaurant Il Pagliaccio will be offering carefully crafted masterpieces in a degustation menu specially made for Italian food lovers. Needless to say, travelling and experiencing various cuisines in countries all over Asia has inspired him to create a distinctive culinary style that would definitely suit the palates of all diners.  

The Cuisine of Masterchef Anthony Genovese**

Date : 29 September - 3 October 2015Tuesday to Saturday
Time : Lunch and Dinner
Venue : Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore  5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797For reservations, contact (65) 6885 3500

Hailing all the way from IL-Pagliaggio, two Michelin-starred Chef Anthony Genovese will whip up a storm with his extensive years of culinary experience and exquisite creations. Get your taste buds geared up for specially curated dishes, with each painstakingly created dish paired with wines of great complexity and elegance, namely Poggio di Sotto, Grattamacco and ColleMassari. Sip these wines as you indulge in refreshingly luscious fare, all while basking in the perfect backdrop of the understated, yet hip Dolce Vita. 

The Cuisine of Masterchef Anthony Genovese** with the wines of Poggio di Sotto, Grattamacco and ColleMassari

Date : 3 October 2015Saturday
Time : 7pm 
Price : $238.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$298.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square,Singapore 039797Dress Code : Smart Casual

Taking place from 6 to 11 October, The Lighthouse will present ‘The Cuisine of Masterchef Igor Macchia’ from the one Michelin-starred Le Credenza in Italy, whose passion for food and creative signature cuisine started many years ago when he was still working and building up his own personal experience in many restaurants all over Italy and Europe. 

Of course, the eastern culture has also been a passion for the chef, as travelling through China and Japan, India and Indonesia, Vietnam and Maldives has allowed him not only to promote his culinary art, but also to gain new perspectives of how Italian food is viewed abroad, and to learn the inner and traditional aspects of the Eastern culture. The result? Forming his own personal style, by blending colors and tastes, textures and shapes in the form of his most creative and ambitious recipes.

Known for delectable flavours created with a touch of creativity, Chef Macchia, Igor continues to experiment and push himself further, guiding him towards his next delicious destination where he can continue to wow palates.

The Cuisine of Masterchef Igor Macchia*

Date : 6 – 11 October 2015Tuesday to Sunday
Time : Lunch and Dinner
Venue : The Lighthouse, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore1 Fullerton Square Level 8, The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore 049178For reservations, contact (65) 6877 8933

Wow your senses with highly acclaimed cuisine from none other than one Michellin-starred Chef Igor Macchia of La Credenza, from the Piedmont region in Italy. With unparalleled culinary excellence to boot, an evening of serenity and gastronomic sedation serves to whet your appetites as you sit back in the warm, furnished ambience of The Lighthouse, located in the middle of the Central Business District.

On the night, enjoy bird eye views of Singapore’s cityscapes while having your palates pampered with new renditions of classic Italian favourites prepared with Chef Igor’s effortless techniques. Some of his innovations include the E Tartufo Bianco, Beef Tartare, Extravirgin Olive Oil Foam, Parmigiano Reggiano Sauce, Confit Artichokes with freshly sliced white truffle and the Pumpkin Risotto, Red Prawns Tartare, Gorgonzola Cheese Sauce and Nutmeg Powder. 

Now, what better way to complete your dinner than with the much sought-after and flourishing vintages of Tua Rita? Touted Italy’s first successful producers of vins de garage, it sure acts as a perfect accompaniment with the dishes served on the night, embodying a citrusy yet smooth and refreshing aftertaste.

The Cuisine of Masterchef Igor Macchia* with the wines of Tua Rita

Date : 8 October 2015Thursday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $230.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$288.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : The Lighthouse, 1 Fullerton Square level 8, The Fullerton Hotel,Singapore 049178Dress Code : Smart Casual

How rare is it to see top Italian culinary maestros coming together to create an incredible visual spectacle? Well, brace yourselves for an exclusive night this 30 September at The Mandarin Oriental, as the finest and most authentic Italian cuisines come to life! Five of the city’s leading Italian Chefs will collaborate on a special 6-course menu to whet your appetites. First, let Chef Yves Schmid’s signature dish of Heirloom Organic Vegetables and Buffalo Riccotta satisfy you. Up next is Chef Gabriele Piegaia of Burlamacco, bringing about the freshest of ingredients from the sea. Chef Michele Pavanello of OTTO Ristorante creates a stunning combination of foie gras with meats, while Chef Omar Bernardi of Dolce Vita continues to wow palates with his Monkfish Fillet, Porcini Mushroom, Marrow and Veal Jus Emulsion dish. Last but not least, Masterchef Anthony Genevese ends off the night with the wonderful Iberico Pork Collar, Com Espuma, Black Summer Truffle and Portuluca. Naturally, your meal will only be completed when paired with a glass of fine wine, and each course is meticulously accompanied with exquisite ones that would make your night all the more fulfilling. 

The Best of Italy Gala Dinner

Date : 30 September 2015Wednesday
Time : 7pm
Price : $206.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$174.40++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Mandarin Oriental, 5 Raffles Avenue, Marina Square, Singapore 039797
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Playing with ingredients

Familiar with the stretch of shophouses at Duxton Hill? Then you’re one step closer to a homely trattoria located in the vicinity, known as inITALY.  Thanks to its warm interior, the establishment oozes a homely vibe, and is reflected even more so in Executive Chef Mario Caramella’s tantalising creations. On this special night, come embrace authentic Italian cuisine encompassing the land and sea. From signatures like the Angus Beef Carpaccio, Summer Truffles, Hazelnut Sauce and Steammed Lobster Tail, Red Capsicum Peperonata, life can only get better as you surf and turf through each hearty course, paired with the distinctive and favourable quality wines from Tenuta Sant Antonio. 

Astice E Manzo (Lobster & Steak) with the wines of Tenuta Sant Antonio

Date : 22 September 2015Wednesday
Time : 7pm
Price : $158.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$198.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : inITALY Bar Ristorante, 38 Craig Road, Singapore 089676
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Step into OTTO, a warm yet elegant Italian fine-dining restaurant that offers an intimate dining experience. On that special night, indulge in an array of contemporary Italian cuisine filled with meats, alongside OTTO’s traditional Italian hospitality, cooked and served up by Executive Chef Michele Pavanello. Using only premium ingredients, Chef Michele’s delectable cuisines include the Oak Smoked Kagoshima Wagyu Carpaccio, Pickled Honey Mushrooms, Permasan Cheese cravings and Dry Aged Irish Black Angus Beef Rib Eye, Bistecca Tagliata, Bassano Style Asparagus Warm Salad amongst others, thus evoking the very essence of Italian gastronomy. Paired with the wines of La Spinetta, the evening sees through a 5-course menu that’s guaranteed to spice up every diner’s tastebuds.

La Celebrazione del Manzo with the wines of La Spinetta

Date : 6 October 2015Tuesday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $166.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$208.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : OTTO Ristorante, 28 Maxwell Road, #01-02 Red Dot Traffic BuildingSingapore 069120Dress Code : Smart Casual

Located along the trendy Purvis Street is Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar, a modern and dynamic Italian eatery. Despite the elegance and poshness it exudes from its exterior, walk right in and expect to chill amidst lively surroundings. An indelible culinary experience featuring Executive Chef Roberto Galetti‘s culinary excellence awaits. Whipping up enticing dishes using only the best ingredients imported straight from Italy, peek into Chef Roberto’s growing years in Lombardy which pays homage to his father’s passion for hunting. You won’t be surprised to find that his menu includes dishes from heirloom game recipes that were cooked fresh home after a good hunt, complimented by the rich and flavourful wines from Paolo Conterno. An eye-opening experience indeed!

Home from the Hunt with the wines of Paolo Conterno

Date : 7 October 2015Wednesday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $166.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$208.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
Dress Code : Smart Casual

A myriad of sea urchin creations to choose from? Well, wait no further as Executive Chef Lino Sauro brings this unique experience to you for one night only! Experience a piquant gastronomic journey where diners get to indulge in in an exclusive 6-course dinner, paired beautifully with the classical Veronese wines, reflecting innovative expressions of traditional varietals from Sartori Di Verona.

Sink your teeth in delectable dishes, namely Luke Warm Romanesco, Sea Cream, Sea Urchin and Orscetra Caviar complemented by the Sartori (Veneto) Pinot Grigrio DOC  “Arcole”. Straw yellow with golden hues, it is delicate and fresh, making it a refreshing pairing to balance the savoury course. The Capelllini with Sea Urchin and Purple Sicilian Prawns does the same when paired with the Sartori (Veneto) Recioto Della Valpolicella “Rerum”, producing sweet aromas against a subtle background, thus adding a touch of sweetness to your meal. 

A Celebration of Sea Urchin by Chef Lino Sauro with the wines of Sartori Di Verona

Date : 9 October 2015Friday
Time : 7pm
Price : $174.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$218.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Gattopardo, 34/36 Tras St, Singapore 079026
Dress Code : Smart Casual

The Best of the Rest

Be enthralled by the understated elegance and sophistication of Senso Ristorante & Bar, nestled in the heart of Chinatown. Known for its authentic Italian fine dining and impeccable service, the night certainly aims to impress. Bask in a lush ambience as a myriad of eclectic dishes whipped up by Executive Chef Yves Schmid and Chef Sebastien Donati are presented to tantalise your tastebuds. Each course will be paired with the wines of Marchesi di Barolo, a perfect accompaniment to the night’s menu. Coupled with fragrant aromas and light finishes on the palate, a beposke experience for all discerning diners awaits. 

The Cuisine of Chef Yves Schmid and Chef Sebastien Donati with the wines of Marchesi di Barolo

Date : 15 September 2014, Tuesday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $110.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$138.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Senso Ristorante & Bar, 21 Club Street, Singapore 069410
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Entice your bellies with a truly unforgettable experience at OSO Ristorante, an intriguing three-storey conservation building which is described as a cultural and gastronomical embassy of Italy. For one night only, look forward to the culinary excellence of Chef Diego Chiarini, as he recreates a 6-course menu that best represents the evolution of Italian cuisine. Whether it is the 16th century or the 21st century, each course is delicately crafted and paired with the well-balanced, smooth and elegant Ferrari Spumante. 

The Renaissance of Italian Cuisine with Ferrari Spumante

Date : 16 September 2015Wednesday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $142.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$178.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : OSO Ristorante, 46 Bukit Pasoh Road 089858 
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Nestled amongst the row of colonial buildings along Scotts Road is Buona Terra, a dining haven of serenity. Complete with cosy private dining rooms, diners are welcomed into a warm setting that exudes Victorian-aged charm, luxurious armchairs and even aristocratic tableware.  On the night, embrace in a novel selection of luscious, artfully-prepared cuisine by Chef Denis Lucchi as he balances textures and flavours, all while creating his own interpretation of the classics. Complementing your evening will be the infinitely beautiful wines of Felsina, where grapes are sourced from top quality Italian vineyards. 

The Flavours of Autumn with the wines of Felsina

Date : 17 September 2015Thursday
Time : 7pm
Price : $158.40++ (HSBC Cardholders)$198.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Buona Terra, 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Let Chef Marco Guccio take you on an culinary odyssey through the Italian peninsula, showcasing traditional recipes with innovative and contemporary interpretations. Kick off your culinary journey with fresh seafood prepared in the typical style of Sicilia and savour traditional olive oil from the region. What could be better a spicy pork sausage dish originating from the small town of Spilinga in the south of Calabria? Then, move on to the island of Sardegna where you will savour fregola, a type of pasta and bottarga and salted and cured grey mullet roe. Heritage comes to the fore when unique flavours of Toscana, Piemonte and Veneto are all represented together with innovative interpretations of Chef Marco Guccio himself. Of course, each palatable course will be thoughtfully paired with renowned wine labels ranging from the South to North of Italy which includes Poderi di Jerzu, Vermentino di Sardegna “Telave'” 2014 DOC, Cecchi, Morellino di Scansano “La Mora” DOCG 2013 and Ascheri, Barbaresco DOCG 2010. 

A Gastronomic Journey Through Italy featuring the cuisine and wines from Sicily, Calabria, Sardegna, Tuscany, Piedmont and Veneto

Date : 29 September 2015Tuesday
Time : 7.00pm
Price : $151.20++ (HSBC Cardholders)$189.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : Zafferano, 10 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049315
Dress Code : Smart Casual

For the love of Casual Indulgence

For those yearning to create simple yet mouth-watering Italian dishes in their own kitchen, the ‘Flavours of Italy Culinary Workshops’ on26 and 27 September at ToTT is an excellent opportunity to learn from eight Italian chefs. Participants will be able to get up close and personal with chefs, learn their respective dishes and pick up a wealth of useful cooking tips.

Flavours of Italy Culinary Workshops

Date : 26 & 27 September 2015Saturday & Sunday
Time : 10am12pm2pm & 4pm
Price : $20.00++ (HSBC Cardholders)$25.00++ (Other payment modes)Venue : ToTT Cooking Studio, 896, Dunearn Road, Singapore 589472
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Pizza fans will undoubtedly enjoy ‘Celebrating The “P” in Pete’s’ on 9 and 10 October at Pete’s Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore. This family event offers a wide variety of pizzas with kids being able to create their own versions and the whole family can enjoy satisfying Italian desserts as well.

Celebrating the ‘P’ in Pete’s

Date : 9 & 10 October 2015Friday & Saturday
Price : $49.30++ (HSBC Cardholders), $58.00++ (Other payment modes) 
            (price includes free flow of Soft Drinks, Coffee & Tea)$74.80++ (HSBC Cardholders), $88.00++ (Other payment modes)(price includes free flow of Peroni Beer, Prosecco, Piemonte)Venue : Pete’s Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore
Dress Code : Smart Casual

Presenting Partner:

· The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (HSBC)Partners:

· Official Food Service Equipment Provider: Sia Huat
· Official Venue: ToTT Cooking Studio
· Official Appliance: Cuisinart
· Official Spumante: Ferrari
· Official Chocolate: Amedei
· Official Two-Wheeler: Vespa
· Official Liqueur: Galliano 
· Partner: e2i
· Official Chef Jacket Supplier: Green
· Wineries: Ascheri, Attems, Avignonesi, Baglio di Pianetto, Cavallotto, Cecchi, ColleMassari, Felsina, Feudi del Pisciotto, Grattamacco, Jerzu, La Spinetta, Marchesi di Barolo, Paolo Conterno, Poggio di Sotto, Quintodecimo, San Felice, Sartori Di Verona, Tenuta Sant Antonio, Terredora, Tua RIta
· Wine Partners: Cellarmaster Wines, Certain Cellars, Giogio Ferrari, The Italian Wine List, Water & Wine

F&B Partners:

· Buona Terra
· Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental, Singapore
· Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
· Gattopardo
· Mandarin Oriental, Singapore 
· inITALY Bdar Ristorante
· OSO Ristorante
· OTTO Ristorante
· Pontini, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore 
· Senso Ristorante & Bar
· The Lighthouse, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
· Zafferano

Dining Promotion Participating Restaurants:

· Alkaff Mansion Ristorante
· aPompei Italian Restaurant
· Basilico, Regent Singapore
· Buona Terra
· Burlamacco Ristorante
· Capricci
· Dolce Vita, Mandarin Oriental Singapore Hotel
· Enoteca L’Operetta
· Forlino
· Garibaldi Italian Restaurant & Bar
· Gattopardo
· il Cielo, Hilton Singapore Hotel
· inITALY Bar Ristorante
· La Barca
· La Braceria
· Laffio
· La Nonna @ Holland Village
· La Nonna @ Namly Place
· Latteria Mozzarella Bar
· Limoncello
· Marco Marco
· Oliva Italian Restaurant
· OSO Ristorante
· OTTO Ristorante
· Palio (RWS)
· Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore @ Royal Ville
· Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore @ Siglap
· Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore @ Boat Quay
· Pete's Place, Grand Hyatt Singapore
· Perbacco
· Pizza Fabbrica
· Pontini, Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore
· Restaurant Trapizza
· Ristorante  Amarone
· SegafredoZanetti Trattoria
· Senso Ristorante & Bar
· Spizza @ Bukit Timah
· Spizza @ Capitol Piazza
· Spizza @ Club Street
· Spizza @ East Coast
· Spizza @ Jalan Kayu
· The Lighthouse, The Fullerton Hotel Singapore
· Trattoria 33 Cuppage Terrace
· Zafferano

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