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Singapore Press Holdings, Plug and Play and Infocomm Investments announce the inaugural batch of startups for SPH Plug and Play accelerator

Singapore, 4 August 2015 — Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), Plug and Play and Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (“IIPL”) announced today the inaugural batch of eight high-tech startups selected for the SPH Plug & Play accelerator program. The eight startups have been selected from a pool of over 280 applications from more than 10 countries and will take part in the program from July to October, 2015. 

The eight selected startups represent a cross-section of some of the interest areas for SPH's Media Fund. These include content creation and curation, online market places, social media and distribution platforms. The startups are in sectors of key interests, including learning and education, jobs and employment, social media and lifestyle. They are as follows:

1. PlusMargin — A predictive analytics platform for E-commerce retailers. Their first product, Price Optimization, brings the technology behind hotel and airline dynamic pricing to E-commerce merchants.

2.  Snapask — A mobile app that instantly connects students to their tutors for one-on-one academic support online. Got a burning question? Snap, post it on Snapask, and start learning from their tutors immediately.

3. Tutate — An iPad application that allows users to purchase and work on assessment books based on the Singapore education curriculum. More than just that, users can get their assessments marked by a panel of qualified educators.  

4. Fashory — A trusted fashion community of female working professionals in Asia. They hope to empower women by encouraging them to share their fashion story.

5. Yellow Elevator — An employee referral system designed to help employers find and hire suitable candidates through the social networks of their employees.

6. Imagin8ors — A diverse team of innovators, educators, creatives and technologists. They seek to reimagine learning to be about maximising what is unique to each child, rather than drive a relentless focus on standardised testing and results.

7. Bolt — A mobile-first and cloud-based platform that streamlines the editorial workflow of news organisations. Through bolt, editors and writers can manage their workflow on the go.

8. Circus 20/Twenty — A next-generation social intelligence platform that turns social insights and analysis into actionable marketing data for brands and agencies.

Ms Emmy Teo, Founder and CEO of Fashory, said: “ The SPH Plug & Play accelerator has three very important elements for success — media muscle from SPH, experience in international markets from Plug & Play, as well as the experience to recognise, invest and guide local startups from Infocomm Investments. Together, the three parties form a robust, dedicated work team that aims to deliver their best for the startups, and we are extremely grateful that we were selected!”

Ms Prerna Pant, the Co-founder of Circus Social, said: “We were looking to scale our product, 20/Twenty - the next generation social intelligence tool, post-feedback from early adopters when we were selected to be a part of the highly competitive SPH Plug & Play Accelerator Program. Being in an environment that encourages innovation, allows us to connect with mentors and investors, and receive counsel from a trifecta of champions- SPH, IDA and Plug & Play Ventures - is a fantastic opportunity for the team that will take us to the next level in marketing intelligence technology."

Mr Rudy Lim and Mr Jupe Tan, Heads of the SPH Plug and Play Accelerator, were excited to start this journey with the inaugural batch of startups. 

Mr Lim said: “We have eight great teams and excellent mentors and advisors from the media and high tech industry working together to help accelerate the growth of the selected startups. We hope to make an impact in the regional startup landscape and help to nurture a new generation of ideas for the media industry.”

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SPH Media Fund is the corporate venture capital fund of Singapore Press Holdings Ltd (“SPH”) with a fund size of S$100m. The fund has a global mandate and seeks to invest in early-stage innovative companies in the areas of Digital Media (including advertising technology and content aggregation/ distribution/ consumption) and Consumer Internet (including e-commerce, marketplaces, social media, education technology, financial technology, etc). Singapore Press Holdings Ltd is Asia’s leading media organisation. Incorporated in 1984, SPH is listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange and is in media, online classifieds, properties, events and out-of-home advertising as well as other businesses.  

Plug & Play is a global startup accelerator that specializes in growing high tech startups. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Plug & Play’s network includes over 200 corporations, investors, universities and other partners across verticals such as Retail, Fin-Tech, Internet of Things, Media and Cloud. Through our investment arm, which began as Amidzad Partners in 1998 and is now Plug & Play Ventures, we have invested in over 350 high tech startups globally. 

Managing more than US$200 million, Infocomm Investments Pte Ltd (IIPL) builds and invests in startup companies in Singapore and globally. We accelerate the development of these young companies in their formative phase, and invest further as they move towards growth and expansion. Partnering leading startup accelerators globally, we scale up accelerator programmes in Singapore to build a strong pipeline of high quality startups ready to go for global expansion. Our interests: Technology, Software, Internet and everything in between. For more news and information, visit or follow @iipl.