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CEIBS Honorary President Prof Liu Ji speaks at Eminent Speakers Series 2012

Singapore, 6 June 2012 --- Prof Liu Ji, the Honorary President of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Chairman of the CEIBS Education Development Foundation, will be the speaker at this year's Eminent Speakers Series held on 9 June 2012 (Saturday), at the SPH News Centre Auditorium.

He will be speaking on the topic "China and the World in the Next Decade".

The Eminent Speakers Series is jointly organised by Lianhe Zaobao and Business China, and supported by the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) Foundation. Back for the fifth year, the series invites prominent personalities who are highly regarded authorities in their respective fields to share their unique perspectives and insights on a broad range of topics, including current affairs, politics, business, economics, media, culture and the arts.

Past eminent speakers include Mr Yao Jing Yuan, Former Chief Economist of China’s National Bureau of Statistics; Professor Justin Lin Yifu, Chief Economist of The World Bank; Mr Qian Gang, Director of China Media Project, Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong; Mr Jin Wei-Tsun, Founder of Business Weekly; Mr Yau Lop Poon, Editor-in-Chief of Yazhou Zhoukan and Mr Nan Fangshuo, Taiwan’s leading political commentator.

The talk, which is conducted in Mandarin, will be followed by a Q & A session chaired by Prof Chen Kang, Professor and Director of Master in Public Administration and Management programme at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

Synopsis of Talk: China and the world in the next decade
Since the socialist reform and the opening policy initiated by Deng Xiaoping, China has been fully integrated into the world, especially after becoming a member of the World Trade Organisation. With the Chinese Communist Party holding its 18th Congress this year, the world is setting its eyes on China's strategy for development in the next decade. The China factor cannot be overlooked in the globalised 21st century. China's development requires a conducive global environment and peaceful cooperation from other countries in the Asia-Pacific rim.
While developed countries are falling or have fallen into a "middle income trap", they have also provided valuable lessons for China's development in the next decade. How can China avoid the "middle income trap" and how can it improve and develop its socialist market economy? The talk will address these issues and more.

About the speaker
Prof Liu Ji was born in October 1935 in Anhui Province, China. He is currently the Honorary President of China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) and Chairman of the CEIBS Education Development Foundation.
Prior to his work in CEIBS, Prof Liu assumed several important positions in various government organisations in China. He began his career as an engineer after graduating from the Department of Power Mechanical Engineering, Qinghua University in 1958. Between 1958 and 1979, he was an Engineer and Director with the Research Institute of Combustion Engine under the Ministry of Electro Mechanics, Shanghai.
From 1979 to 1992, Prof Liu took up several positions, including the Executive Chairman, the Association of Science and Technology, and the Director of the Commission of Economic Restructuring under Shanghai Municipal Government. He has been the Deputy Chairman, Research Fellow and Member of the Academic Board, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences since 1993. He joined CEIBS in 1999 as President and later became its Executive President. In 2005, he became the Honorary President of CEIBS, a position which he held till now.
Prof Liu has published more than 100 theses and numerous research reports on science and technologies. He later focused his research on the strategic development of China’s economy, system reform, as well as political, economic and cultural studies on a macro perspective. His findings and insights in these areas, which are greatly influential in the academic, political and business arenas, are highly acclaimed both within and beyond China.

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